Who am I?

From dreamy wantrepreneur
to self-confident social entrepreneur.

Deep down, I knew I was born to be an entrepreneur, inspire people and make the World a better place. But I also believed…

I had to find a business partner in order to get started. 

I had to take more courses because I didn’t have the right skillset.

I had to quit my f**cking corporate job first because it took too much of my energy and time.

… But I couldn’t because I needed money to live…

I was feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost, confused and miserable on the inside.

Yes, all of that. And lonely too.

It became so unbearable that I eventually quit my job and convinced a friend to start a business with me.

But, you know what?

It didn’t solve anything. In fact, it only got worse.

I was still making year-long strategy plans I wasn’t following through with.

I was still binging on all the information I could get my hands on without applying what I had learned.

… And I was still watching Netflix way too many hours a day…

I wasn’t taking real f**cking  action. The kind of actions that gets you results.

I thought I was broken. I thought I would never have the purposeful life I so badly wanted.

I was feeling hopeless.

Until I learned the truth.

The source of the problem wasn’t my indecision or lack of actions.

It was all the negative self-talk running at the back of my head without me even noticing it: ‘I should be better, know better, feel better, do better’.

It was all the self-doubt I had about my ability to become an entrepreneur.

It was all the fear around other people’s judgement.

Becoming aware of those thoughts and feelings changed everything for me.

I also learned my thoughts create my feelings. And I have power over them.

So, I started working.

Working on accepting reality, cultivating my self-worth, generating the self-confidence I needed to take actions towards my dreams.

I’m now a certified confidence coach.

And my mission is to help you become an entrepreneur who makes the World a better place.

I went from Change-Dreamer to Change-Maker.

You can too.

I’m not a unicorn or an exception. I just have the right tools… and I want to share them with you.

Get ready for the most f**cking charming French accent… #excusemyfrench

Discover my journey and WHY I'm committed to helping you SO MUCH.

I’m not meant to work for big corporations

As a teenager, I aspire to becoming a business woman living in heels, spending her days in back to back meetings, a Starbucks in one hand and a phone in the other one. In my mind, it is the definition of success. A dream. The accomplishment of a lifetime.

So naturally, I join a business school right after college and do my two 6-month internship at internationally renown media groups. I am so excited.

I'm lucky enough to enjoy my time there and meet great people but something is off: most people seem bored and unhappy. They are complaining about their job all day long and are clearly living for their weekends.

I decided the world of big corporation wasn’t for me and thought that it would be different in small companies.

What if I’m not meant to be working… at all?

After my graduation, I quickly get a permanent position as Business Developer.

The team is awesome and quickly turns into a second family to me. I work 12 hours a day and have no work-life balance; I’m so tired during the week that I don’t have energy to see my friends anymore. But, I love my job and my colleagues so I don’t question my life.

One day, out of the blue, I block my back. Twice in two weeks. Is my body trying to tell me something?

After 4 years, I realise that I need to make some changes in my life. I need a new job. But deciding to leave is really painful and distressing: I am afraid I will never find better and regret my decision.

I eventually get a new job in a different industry I know nothing about; it is a real challenge, exactly what I needed! After a few months, they are happy with me and renew my contract, I have found a work-life balance.

So, why have I this little voice inside telling me I’m not doing what I’m meant to be doing? That I don’t live life the way I’m meant to?

What if they were right all along and I’m just completely delusional?

I understand that I want more. More purpose, more passion, more freedom. I need a job that fulfils my soul and contributes to making the World a better place.

I’m tired of watching people build their online businesses, I want to become one of them and make the most of what the Internet has to offer!

I’m frustrated and pretty vocal about it but I am paralysed and can’t take any action towards my dreams. I feel stuck and overwhelmed; I blame my current job that is taking all my time and energy…

My family and friends are concerned about my future and believe that I’m completely delusional.

Oh wait a minute… I’m not alone!

That’s right, we are millions of people questioning our society; where overconsumption and consumer manipulation are the norm, where individual interests, games of power & ego are chosen over common sense and respect of the environment and the people.

We now have access to a tonne of information and I cannot choose to ignore how my clothes are made, what is inside my shampoo or how the use of plastic is damaging our beautiful Planet.

I dream about another reality. I need my job to support me financially but I also want it to be aligned with my deepest convictions.

I am lucky enough to live in the digital era, I want to make the most of it.

I'm pretty sure if you read that far, you are suffering too.
I can help you. Keep reading!

I take the big leap & have to face reality

I quit my job and move to sunny Australia. I go full time on my online project and my partner at the time supports us financially.

Seems perfect right? Well, not exactly.

I spend a lot of time training myself in digital marketing and learning how to manage social media, build a website, write blog posts, take photos, generate newsletter signups, etc.

But as soon as I need to take consistent massive action and apply what I’ve learnt, I’m paralysed by my fears.

I feel isolated, hopeless and guilty. This time, I can’t blame my full-time job; I have all the free time in the World and no excuses in my pocket.

I realise the problem was never having a full-time job or living in Paris, it is coming from inside. I am miserable.

New hopes. Back to corporate.

So, I take a 9-5 in a big corporation. Again? Yes, again. But, I have managed a successful transition to Digital Marketing thanks to everything I’ve learnt for my website.

After just a few months I find myself day dreaming about building my own business again, but I lost complete faith in my abilities to take action. So I quit and find another job, maybe it was not the right company for me, that’s all. (can you see the pattern here?)

This little voice inside me speaks to me again, I’m not doing what I’m called to be doing. I am torn between my heart and my mind: I’ve lost total faith in my abilities to become a business owner.

On top of that, nobody seems to believe in me either, they call me a dreamer and proclaim that a job is just that, a job, and doesn’t need to fulfil your life purpose.

3 years of self-work & coaching

I want to feel better so I start my spiritual journey: yoga, meditation, Reiki, Shamanic remedies, self-development, etc.

At first, it was all superficial, I understood the principles intellectually but I wasn’t able to see how I could implement them in my life. Over time, I eventually became more aware, more grounded.

I decided to hire a life coach. The approach is really similar to all the big principles I came across when reading Eckart Tolle, Byron Katie, Abraham and other teachers.

But the tools are sensible and easy to apply. I finally go from wondering what 'letting go' looks like to feeling it in every cell of my body.

It changes everything. I'm experiencing deep shifts in my beliefs and see real changes in my life.

And now, what?

I am a certified life-coach.

I coach myself and others on how to master the mind, become self-confident and get the life we’ve always dreamed of.

I focus a lot of my attention on teaching my brain how to:

  • Be kind to myself and stop the negative self-talk
  • Accept what reality looks like in the moment and allow any emotion
  • Grow self-confidence to keep showing up doing things I’ve never done before

I deeply appreciate life and understand that NOW, is as good as it gets!

I have decided to share my story to show you that the first attempt is not always the right one and it’s okay. Quitting your full time job is not always the solution either.

We are on Earth to live the Human experience with all the bumps in the road and obstacles. Not to be happy all the f*cking time.

I can help you.

I promise that if I managed to deal with my fears and auto sabotage patterns, you can do it too. The answer is always inside.

I’m not here to sell you a magic pill and tell you it’s going to be easy. Because it simply is not. You’ll have to put in the work. But if you’re as desperate for a long-lasting change as you say, then I guarantee you that I can help you access your full potential & change your life forever.

The first step is to book a FREE mini-session with me. You will be surprised by how much impact a single session can have on you.

Then, we both decide if it's a good fit or not. No pressure. No strings attached.

You have nothing to lose. Everything to win. What are you waiting for?