Sneaky procrastination: looking for a new job on LinkedIn

You are currently working at your 9-5.

But, what you want most is to build your own business and have an impact in the World.

So why on Earth are you looking for a new job on LinkedIn?

I’m serious. Make yourself answer the question.

You may think:

  • Because the future is uncertain, especially at the moment.
  • Because I hate my current job.
  • Because I need money.

Because you BLAME your current job for not taking action in your business. You’re thinking you need to change job first in order to be MOTIVATED to build the biz & life you want.

Breaking News. It doesn’t work this way.

Looking for a new job on LinkedIn is your COPING MECHANISM.

It’s what I call sneaky procrastination.

Because on paper it seems like the right thing to do.

Your friends tell you it’s smart.

Your mother thinks it’s safer.

But is it?

I don’t think giving up on your dreams is smart.

I don’t think working in a corporate job is safe (especially at the moment).

I don’t think ignoring your soul’s calling is right.

What do you think?

Procrastination is choosing to do something that feels SAFER and EASIER in the moment over working towards what feels ALIGNED, INSPIRING & PURPOSEFUL.

It doesn’t make you smart.

It doesn’t make you stupid either.

But it makes you act out of fear and insecurity.

Grow confidence. In yourself. In your business idea. In your future clients.

Stop looking for a new job. Stop procrastination.

Become a social-entrepreneur. Contribute to make the World a better place.

with love,


PS: note that you’re not building your business AND you’re making it really hard to find a new job because deep down you don’t really want to apply anyway.

PS2: Register to my webinar ‘My 3-step process to stop procrastinating and get sh*t done in your business‘ to dive deeper.

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