Working together

Deep down, we know we are born to be entrepreneurs,
inspire people
and make the World a better place.

We want a job that makes a difference… But we work for companies who exploit children and sell crap people don’t need.

We want to make the most of the digital edge… But we are trapped in cubicles from 9 to 5.

We have a thousand business ideas a day… but we aren’t sure they are good enough. Until we see other people execute them.

So what’s keeping us from stepping into our power and creating the business and life we so badly want? 

2 main things in my opinion

Self-Critical Talk

‘What’s wrong with me?’ 

‘people will think I’m stupid’

‘I’m not good enough’

Do you recognise that sneaky voice inside of you?


‘You shouldn’t do that’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Be reasonable’

Aka the collective consciousness who’s dropping bombs in your mind.

And what do we do to “fix” this mind chatter? 

We take online courses,  attend workshops and binge watch Instagram hack videos on how to build a following from scratch.

We read books and listen to podcasts on how to be more productive and create passive income.

… but we’re still confused & don’t take consistent action. 

We play small and blame our job for lacking time and energy.

You know HOW to be productive & build a purpose-driven business.
The real question is WHY don't you?

The answer is found in your brain.

Your brain prefers having you confused and lost rather than confident and taking risks.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You’re not broken.

You have a human brain. 

And you need to learn how to manage it if you want to grow your social entreprise for good.

This is what confidence coaching is all about. 

You learn how to accept reality, take responsibility and have your own back no matter what.

You develop self-confidence doing things you’ve never done before.

You discover how to commit, believe and take action even when you don’t feel like it.

You become better at embracing discomfort while trying new things.

You find the root cause of your confusion, procrastination & feelings of being overwhelmed… and you tackle it.

No tactics. No BS. Real deep life-changing work. Are you in? 

I can help you.

Since I first hired a coach, I have…
  • learned how to purposefully believe in myself and my business even when I don’t see the results I want yet. #selfconfidence
  • become a pro at failing, failing and failing again. But also learning from it and increasing my success rate. #resilience
  • managed my time (& brain) to get sh*t done even when I don’t feel like it. #commitment
  • beaten my perfectionism – I mean… I wouldn’t be surprised if you spotted a few mistakes on this page. #….oopsy
  • felt more discomfort than ever before… but also more pride, self-love and joy. #growth
My mission is to help you become the successful entrepreneur you want to be.
Because the more impact-driven businesses, the better the Planet & the people.

Let’s talk consultation call.

During this FREE consultation call, we will discuss…
  • Where you are now.
  • Where you want to be.
  • The obstacles standing between the two.
  • How to bridge that gap to grow your purpose-driven business while working full-time.
You will be surprised by how much you will learn about you in 45 min.

Then, we both decide if it’s a good fit or not. No pressure. No strings attached.

You have nothing to lose. Everything to win. What are you waiting for?

Lara_Bellier_BW-Leaves_Street - confidence coach

Don't take my word for it...