Who am I?

From dreamy wantrepreneur
to self-confident social entrepreneur.

Deep down, I knew I was born to be an entrepreneur, inspire people and make the World a better place. But I also believed…

I had to find a business partner in order to get started. 

I had to take more courses because I didn’t have the right skillset.

I had to quit my f**cking corporate job first because it took too much of my energy and time.

… But I couldn’t because I needed money to live…

I was feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost, confused and miserable on the inside.

Yes, all of that. And lonely too.

It became so unbearable that I eventually quit my job and convinced a friend to start a business with me.

But, you know what?

It didn’t solve anything. In fact, it only got worse.

I was still making year-long strategy plans I wasn’t following through with.

I was still binging on all the information I could get my hands on without applying what I had learned.

… And I was still watching Netflix way too many hours a day…

I wasn’t taking real f**cking  action. The kind of actions that gets you results.

I thought I was broken. I thought I would never have the purposeful life I so badly wanted.

I was feeling hopeless.

Until I learned the truth.

The source of the problem wasn’t my indecision or lack of actions.

It was all the negative self-talk running at the back of my head without me even noticing it: ‘I should be better, know better, feel better, do better’.

It was all the self-doubt I had about my ability to become an entrepreneur.

It was all the fear around other people’s judgement.

Becoming aware of those thoughts and feelings changed everything for me.

I also learned my thoughts create my feelings. And I have power over them.

So, I started working.

Working on accepting reality, cultivating my self-worth, generating the self-confidence I needed to take actions towards my dreams.

I’m now a certified confidence coach.

And my mission is to help you become an entrepreneur who makes the World a better place.

I went from Change-Dreamer to Change-Maker.

You can too.

I’m not a unicorn or an exception. I just have the right tools… and I want to share them with you.

Get ready for the most f**cking charming French accent… #excusemyfrench

Discover my journey and WHY I'm committed to helping you SO MUCH.

I'm pretty sure if you read that far, you are suffering too.
I can help you. Keep reading!